ChatScrum is a website for task organization and sprint which in some ways is similar to popular task organization apps like Trello. One difference is that this has a built-in group chat feature



My Job:

User Interface and Experience Designer

Time Frame:

June 2019 - July 2019

Tools Used:


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My role was to give it an entirely fresh look while implementing new features the site had. I was also to make my new designs in a way it is easier to use.

Before anything, I had to understand how this site works and also what the new features were and what exactly they do. I did that by talking to everyone on the team who used Chatscrum, I also asked what they would love for ChatScrum to have, I also went to browse out other boards like Trello and gather my ideas together, I understood the site ChatScrum completely with all that research.

I then went on to design an entirely new sign in and sign up pages. i added a screenshot of the main app to show new users how it looks inside of the app. kept the same sign up and sign in process.

Inside the main site, i created a separate board for the users personal tasks, called it “My Tasks” and left the normal ChatScrum Board showing all the task from all users in “Team Tasks”. i then created a bar above to switch between both boards.

i also added all the various options that ChatScrum offers to the bar above. these are before scattered all over ChatScrum previous UI. i introduced themes as an option, to change the wallpaper of the board to improve the visual looks.

I grouped every task using cards or boarders so it is easy for users to recognize what tasks fall under what section or group. on the team tasks board, i grouped task to users using colours. each user is assigned a colour and these colour appear everywhere around the site where the user name appears.

Then i used a dark background for the chat area to separate it from the board.  Link to  full case study above.

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