Custom Kits

Custom Kits is an app I designed to help people customize their sport jerseys before purchase.


UpLabs Native Script Challenge

My Job:

User Interface Designer

Time Frame:

October 7, 2019 - November 17, 2019

Tools Used:


Adobe Photoshop

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Uplabs Native Script Challenge is a annual design competition organized by Uplabs and Native Script with the goal of designing a mobile app and using Native Script to develop it for both Android and IOS.

For this project i was matched with a Native Script developer all the way from the United States named Ryan Pendergast. I was in Nigeria. We worked together on this project and communicated via mail and Skype. Ryan came up with the app idea based on my previous jersey app design he had seen, I went on to research more and designed the interface of Custom Kits app, Ryan developed my designs using Native Script. We ended up winning the challenge.

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