Sosha Life

Sosha life is a platform that handles events such as parties, workshops, conference, etc it allows event planners to upload events for free and users to RSVP or buy tickets to those events easily.


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My Job:

User Interface and Experience Designer

Time Frame:

March 2018 - November 2018

Tools Used:

Adobe XD

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My Task was to give the entire app a fresh visual look, making everything neat, minimal and modern.

While using some of the existing user flow which I create new wireframes and high fidelity designs for the app. I did this using Adobe XD.

While designing,  a few problems I noticed was the double navigation and pages which I then eliminated so as not to confuse users and I merged pages that had similar uses, I created an explore page with sorting options to help users find events more easily because and created a personalized timeline based on event planners they follow. Previously all users see all events on their timeline which could be overwhelming when there are too many events.

Designed a dark themed version for users like me who love dark mode everything, also Sosha life is a social app containing a lot of images and pictures so it only makes sense to include dark mode.

I also brought the main buttons for RSVP and pinning an event to the timeline, so users can easily RSVP for an event with on-touch while scrolling down on his/her feeds. Previously, users would have to open the details of the event to RSVP or carry out any other action.

This is just to mention a few of the many design choices I made. The app is currently being developed using the new design I created and should be on the Google Play store before the end of the year

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